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We want what you want: To reach more readers and sell more books!

Which is why we have written this hand holding guide of best practices for building a bookstore that stands out.

Before we get started, we want to make sure you know the important stuff like, what is in it for you and why we do what we do.

Indi charges a flat rate of U$D 0.20 for each uploaded item.

You decide the price of your book or downloadable file.

At the point of sale Paypal will charge a transaction fee of U$D 0.30 as well as 2.9% of the sale price and 10% of the sale (before tax) will go to the Indipenit platform.

Now that we have hashed out the important stuff…

Let’s Give it a Name

Ideally your bookstore will be your pen name. That is, the name you write and publish under. However, because we will be catering to service providers as well (editors, book marketers for self-published authors, translators and graphic designers, to name a few) you should choose a name that reflects your brand. It is important to note that, we cannot guarantee that your author name will be available as bookstore names are given on a first come first serve basis. However, we do reserve the right to revoke a store name if we believe that, for any reason, the name is being used in a malicious or dishonest manner.

If your name is not available, try adding modifiers.

For example: if your name is Jane Smith and that name has already been taken try some of the examples below

Jane Smith’s bookstore

Jane Smith’s bookshop

Jane Smith’s book nook

Jane Smith – Writer

You get the idea.

Tip: It is helpful for your bookstore name to coincide with your other social channels.


Your Bookstore Description

This is not necessarily your author description. You will have a space for an author biography on your store page. Your bookstore description should a short descriptive one or two sentence blurb that describe your style and genre in order to attract your ideal reader.

Here is what mine says:

Bookstore name: Stephanie Cariker

Bookstore description: Writer of both fiction and nonfiction short stories that add meaning to everyday life.



Keywords or tags are key to attracting new readers. We configure them right into Indi’s search algorithm so that, when someone comes searching for a new page turner, and they are specifically attracted to thrilling romance novels, if they don’t already know you by name they might type in exactly that: thrilling romance novels. But there are two fundamental factors to this:

  1. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes – if you yourself would not use that word or phrase to search for a product, it’s probably not a good one.
  2. Keep track of all the keywords you use for each item and use in order to choose a variety of words.



Indi currently supports the following formats:

  • Pdf
  • Mobi
  • Epub

If you have a hard copy of your book, and want to feature it in your bookstore, please contact us here.

Soon to come: Print on demand option.


Do you remember that old phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Yeah, you should try to forget it! The images you upload to your bookstore send a message to your reader, and whether you want to admit it or not, they are judging your bookstore on the header, author image, book covers etc.

Your images will look best in the following formats: JPEG or PNG

  • Profile pic: 400 x 400
  • Header pic: 1200 x 400
  • Book covers: 500 x 700


Be sure your images are clear and focused without being pixelated, pinched, or stretched.

Book Descriptions

This is where you hook your reader. If you are struggling to cram your 500 page novel into a 150 word description that compels people to buy your book, click here for some professional tips.


This is all you my friend. It is no one’s business to put a price on your work but you.

All we can do is try to orient you a bit. The majority of Ebooks are going for under U$D 10.00.

Some people give them away for free while others charge middle of the road. When it comes time to choosing a price for your work, snoop the market. What are other authors like yourself charging?


Final Thoughts

Remember, you can change and update these things whenever you would like so there is no need to stress about them. Just lay something down and come back to it little by little, making small changes until you are satisfied.

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