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Desperate Times: A Call For Innovation

7 December, 2016 community publishing tips Tips writing tips 1

It is before dawn. The the cooling motor on my refrigerator is the only sound interrupting the noise in my head. It is quiet, for now. But in less than an hour, my house will become the grand central station of squealing and screaming sing-songs. Those of you with kids know exactly what I am talking about. I look at the clock. It is ticking faster than the keys on the keyboard and instead of getting my thoughts down, I gnaw at my stubby fingers in an attempt to focus my ideas.

Desperate times don’t call for desperate measures. Desperate times call for innovation. Click To Tweet With more than 14 million published books circulating, we need a strategy or we are going to drown in the flood. Before we can creatively propel our books, however, we need to first understand what we are up against.

A few weeks ago I sent out an anonymous questionnaire with a variety of questions regarding the biggest struggles writers face, the hopes and desires they have for the future and opinions they have regarding community. After an overwhelming amount of feedback and participation, I have drawn some conclusions so that we might form a clear and concise game plan.

This is my way of expressing gratitude.

So, here it goes.

  1. Participation is the secret ingredient to building a community, be it learning, teaching or sharing, collaboration is key. If you take nothing else with you today, remember this. There is power in numbers. In order to stand out in the sea of authors today, you literally have to be one in 14 million, unless of course your community is far reaching. In fact, nearly every self-published author who is making a living from their writing is doing so, in large part, thanks to their community. I know how much you love being among the first adopters, join us at Indipenit while we are fresh off the press.
  2. While the vast majority of participants, 56%, are looking for the pot of gold and the magical book deal at the end of the rainbow, 40% of the responses said they have a manuscript but have no idea how to pitch their book. That, paired with the shift from traditional publishing to self-publishing, tells me that we are heading for a time of great learning and what better way to do so than from within our community. Have you gone through the steps of self-publishing? Tell us how you did it.
  3. Self-publishing has never been so easy and, while it is clearly the future, what to do with your book once it is tangible, is a whole other story. In fact, 39% of our participants said they would benefit from tips on how to promote and sell their self-published book.This, combined with the increasing trend of mainstream publishing houses delegating more and more responsibilities of sales and promotion to the authors themselves, means it is high-time to master the skillful art of personal branding in the age of digital media.

In summing things up, it is clear that we are about to embark upon an exciting adventure in learning. Learning the ins and outs of self-publishing, the dos and don’ts, the hows and whys. Learning about social media, and how to harness its power for our good and finally, the good of our community. All this may seem overwhelming but, because you are brave, I know you aren’t afraid. Every point of growth is preceded by a profound moment of study. Click To Tweet And you need not feel discouraged, because on this occasion, my friend, you won’t be going at it alone. 

Check in with us next week for my free step-by-step guide to standing out.


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