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Hook, Line, and Sinker: 3 Steps to Reeling in Your Readers

“Don’t tell me, show me,” says the seasoned writer. But what does that even mean? And how in the world does one manage such a herculean task in a mere 150 words? Book descriptions: next to your title and cover, either reel in the readers or send them in search of better bait. What then,…
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19 May, 2017 0

Desperate Times: A Call For Innovation

It is before dawn. The the cooling motor on my refrigerator is the only sound interrupting the noise in my head. It is quiet, for now. But in less than an hour, my house will become the grand central station of squealing and screaming sing-songs. Those of you with kids know exactly what I am…
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7 December, 2016 1

Be Our Guest

Do you remember that scene from Beauty and the Beast? The one where an entire mansion of inanimate objects comes alive to welcome the “Belle of the Ball”? We want to do that dance for you. We are currently looking for guest writers to share with us one or several of the following: Writing tips Self-publishing…
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16 November, 2016 0

Covers: We All Judge Them

The age-old aphorism of not judging a book by its cover can now be laid to rest. Covers matter and you know this. We don’t need data to tell us that pouring judgement laden opinions on everything we encounter is part of the human condition. We can, however, learn a lot from that data.  If…
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8 November, 2016 0

Mrs. Cariker’s Character Developer

Some years ago I read a book titled Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. It changed my life. Not because it was transcendental, or maybe it was, but because there were two things that I have carried with me ever since: I am a writer, not because I published a claim to fame, but because I bleed…
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2 November, 2016 0
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