spark connection, ignite action and burn holes in the hearts (and wallets) of your audience.

Website copy, sales copy, and email campaigns fueled by storytelling and strategy.

If you're a fire-starter, my words'll be your kerosene!

Let's light `em up!


Hey, I'm Stephanie!

And I’m the girl behind the words.

If we were sitting at my favorite wine bar in San Francisco, I’d decant my story faster than you could pour the Malbec. 

We’d share, and laugh, and lean into each other, drinking in the warm, (slightly fuzzy), feeling of new friendship while devising a MacGyver-like plan to pair my words with your genius. Because we are BOTH burning to make the world a better place.

But let’s be honest with each other, (because that’s how lasting relationships begin) you didn’t come here for my story. 

You came here to see
what I can do for you!

Aaaand THAT'S exactly why I am here too.

Wildfire Website Copy

Congratulations! You've got a website. That's prime real estate my friend!
But having a pretty site doesn't automatically mean cash-oh-la in your pocket.
If your words aren't fiery focused, your window shoppers are going elsewhere.

To convert the perusing Susies into throw-your-cash-at-mes, your message needs to jump off the page and into the psyche of your reader in 4 seconds flat.

Smoldering Sales Copy

Your site is up, your opt-ins are sizzling hot, and you're ready to launch that course or product that's been melting a hole in your back pocket for the last year.

If it's going to catch on like wildfire, you've got to stir 'dem' coals, and you've got to do so with all the right triggers and switches.

Persuasive sales pages, landing pages, and social media posts and ads.

Embering email campaigns

There are approximately 205 billion emails sent everyday.That is an unfathomable amount of wordsmithing!
Talk about inbox overload! And still, emails are shown to produce 6 times more sales. And do you know why? Because it's personal.

Email allows you to connect with your audience, present offers based on segments, and close in on the sale faster than you can pop the bubbly.

Fellow fire-starters say...

I already had most of my copy written but I brought Stephanie on to help me with the tagline and some refining of the messaging. Not only was she fast, but she was also flexible and open to my feedback.

Keri Sausman
Founder & CEO
Lopez Sound Cleaning